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Drake officially partners with

Drake officially partners with

The rap artist followed by greater than 110 million people on Instagram officializes his collaboration with Risk (the number 1 crypto casino site on the marketplace).

Soon Drake will do a live show in which he will give out many prizes to his community, some say luxury cars, Bitcoin, but also travel.

Drake shares his sports betting on Instagram

Drake knows what he’s talking about, Stake is the best online casino to place sports bets on football, basketball and many other sports to discover on the site. To bet on Stake, simply create an account, deposit in the cryptocurrency of your choice, choose a match and bet the amount you want. Once the match is over, you can withdraw the money to your wallet (Binance,

Drake is a big roulette player

After watching several videos of Drake playing roulette, he likes to bet on the following numbers: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13 and also 28.

You can play many different roulette games at Stake, just go to the “Live Casino” tab and then “Evolution Gaming”.

The minimum amount is usually $0.50 or $1.00, there is no long term winning strategy as each spin is unique so it is difficult to predict what will land in the next few spins.

As you can see from the Stake homepage, the amounts Drake plays at roulette are definitely crazy, often he plays up to $200,000 per spin.

Of course he has bonuses from the Casino but he has no advantage since all the live games are managed by Evolution Gaming, it is a company which is listed on the stock exchange.

So they can’t afford to rig the games, Evolution Gaming is worth billions of dollars.



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